Friday, 28 March 2014

Oh's nearly finished...ahem...;-)

I am currently writing book five...if you ask me how far I am through it I will say "just over half way" unless you are my publisher then I might say "oh...nearly finished" ;-)

The contact for this one was signed ages ago...but I have to admit I struggled to make a start with it.   Chatting with the publishers deciding what to do next, what would fit, what people would like etc etc the question was "what are the main areas of the Craft that you work with as a Kitchen Witch?" one of the top answers was "herbs", which was interesting and exciting as it is one of my favourite subjects.  I don't mean medicinal herbs, although I did complete a quite extensive Herbalism course a few years back which involved learning about how the body worked, illnesses, medicinal herbs, how to make tinctures and the like...but it's not really 'my bag' I prefer to work with herbs on the magical level.

So the seed was planted and the challenge to write a book on magical herbs was taken on by myself and I did make a start, I researched all that there is to research (it feels like it anyway) but I couldn't get a hold on how I wanted to write the dang thing.  Big boss/owner publisher man said "make it inspirational" pressure there then...

So I faffed...and I procrastinated...and I faffed quite a lot more...I even set up a facebook page to inspire others and share the journey of writing this book with everyone out in facebook land if you are interested.

But it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I had the epithany/aha/lightbulb moment...

I was writing it like a text book..NOT as me.  I don't do text book writing, it was a total yawnfest and if I was bored writing it then people reading it would most definitely be...

All change...butt kicked into gear...and now the book is being written as I would write anything else - my own style, my own way, my "sit down, grab a slice of cake and slurp your mug of tea whilst you read" kind of now it is very much well under way.

Still some way to go yet but I will get there...Rome wasn't built in a day right?

Not only am I re-learning about herbs as I go but it is also deepening my fascination with their magical powers and making me laugh out loud at some of our wonderful folk lore.   But seriously the amount of herbs that have been traditionally used to protect AGAINST witches is just shocking ;-)

The everso hopeful publication date will be sometime this summer...I will keep you posted.

The not so short or catchy title is A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Herbs & Plants.

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  1. Cool sounds good...keep up the good work and cake is better when shared lol..


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