Friday, 26 May 2017

A Witch's Garden: Foxgloves

Rachel Patterson Kitchen Witch
(Digitalis purpurea)

A biennial plant with tall flower spikes covered in bell shaped flowers in shades of white, pink and purple.

Beautiful graceful flowers that the bees adore, grow them in your garden for protection and you will also find them growing in the wild at the entrance to faery mounds. Foxglove is poisonous…do not ingest.

I think foxglove works very well in stopping gossip spells and ‘keeping away the poison’ that comes with rumour and tittle tattle.

Use foxglove leaves in workings to attract the help and assistance of the Fae…be careful though…they can be pesky little beggars! (the Fae…not foxgloves).

Foxglove is a plant of the underworld so works very well for divination and visionary workings.

Foxglove Magical Properties:
Protection, gossip, faeries, divination
Ruling planet – Venus, Saturn
Element – Water
Gender – Feminine

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Meditation Prompt: Dance

Sometimes when I meditate I like to have a focus, a prompt that will begin my meditation journey.  It is just the beginning and the meditation can take all kinds of twists and turns from it but it gives me a place to start...

My meditation prompt for today is:

The music is playing, people around you are laughing and having fun and you are dancing…dancing without care or thought…