Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Blue Celestite Crystal

On a recent visit to Glastonbury a piece of celestite crystal decided to come home with me (I did pay for it first...).

Blue Celestite Crystal

Said to be an angelic stone it is used to create connections to the angelic realm. Now, I don't personally work with angels but I am using the stone to create a link to Avalon so it works for me.

The name is from the Greek word meaning 'celestial'.

It can be used for meditation, channelling and to find wisdom and communication with the divine, spirit guides and ascended beings on other planes of existence.  Definitely a useful stone to use for astral travel too.

Celestite brings balance, communication, organisation, clarity, clear speech and it cleanses the aura.  It can help reduce stress, worry, fear and anxiety bringing a positive hopeful energy.

This stone works well with the crown and throat chakras but helps bring energy and balance to all of the chakra points.

Taking you into the spiritual realms celestite is a cosmic teacher and can help guide you on your spiritual journey and development.

Definitely a stone to help you find the truth of a matter it can also help resolve conflict and bring harmony.

It brings peace and strength to help you discover new beginnings and to trust in your own intuition and abilities.

Soothing, gentle and calming to your mind monkeys, Celestite can help you find quiet and your centre spot.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Hoodoo Herbs and Roots

Hoodoo Herbs and Roots

All sorts of herbs are used in hoodoo magic, all of the usual household ones along with a few more unusual ones. I haven’t included a complete list here as it would go on forever, but here are some of the more popular ones used in Hoodoo.

Adam & Eve Root (putty root/Aplectrum)

This root was used a lot in Adam and Eve magic believed to promote true love and a good strong equal partnership between a couple. Also used for sexual problems within a relationship. However Adam and Eve root is not endangered and should no longer be harvested from the wild. Unfortunately there isn’t a substitute for the root either, so be aware if you purchase ‘Adam and Eve’ products they probably won’t have the true ingredients.


Another herb used for prosperity and money draw spells. It can be sprinkled into your purse, kept in your money box or used as a powder.

Angelica Root (Holy Ghost/Archangel Root)

This has many uses within hoodoo – warding off evil, luck, health, family matters, peace, strength (especially for women), uncrossing, jinx breaking and a powerful Guardian.

Buckeye Nuts

Useful for gamblers, luck and sexual power. (In the UK you could substitute a conker).


Clover is probably used all over the world for luck! Within hoodoo it is also used for prosperity and money draw spells. It is also considered sacred in that having three leaves it represents the trinity.


Coconut within Hoodoo is used for domination, a whole coconut often being used to represent the victims head and mind.

Devil’s Dung (asafoetida)

You’ve got to love the folk name for this one! It is a very strong smelling powder (hence the name) and is used in Hoodoo for protection, banishing, curses and working against your enemies. (When handling asafoetida I recommend wearing gloves…otherwise you will carry the scent on your hands for ages!).

Devil’s Shoestring (Viburnum alnifolium, opulus, prunifolium)

These ‘shoestrings’ are roots from the plant and are used for protection, luck, job seeking and keeping out the devil – the ‘shoestring’ meant to trip him up!

Five Fingers Grass (cinquefoil/Potentilla)

The plant has five leaves that are segmented and look a bit like a hand – hence the name five fingers. It is used for luck, gambling, money drawing, employment and favours.

High John the Conqueror

High John the Conqueror root is one of the main herbs used in Hoodoo magic.

The story goes that John was a prince, son of an African King and that he dedicated himself to helping others, those that were tricked by their white masters. He is a trickster spirit and also a hero of folklore.

The roots that carry his name are: High John, Dixie John and Little John. High John is said to carry the tricksters spirit within it.

John the Conqueror Root (Ipomoea jalapa, purge, pandurata) brings with it the magical properties of power, prosperity, strength, luck, love and the ability to conquer all within its path.


Lettuce is used mainly in money draw spells. You can use any type of lettuce but make sure the leaves are fresh, the best ones are the darker outside leaves. Greens can be used in the same way.


This is used mainly for money drawing, prosperity, uncrossing or to cool and calm a situation or person.

Orris Root (Queen Elizabeth root)

Used in hoodoo by women and men to attract and control a man.


All sorts of pepper varieties are used in Hoodoo magic, black pepper is good for protection, banishing, curses and enemy spells, red pepper (cayenne) is good for protection, banishing, curses, enemy spells and also to add heat (and therefore power) to spells too.


Used mainly in protection spells but also for love ones. Wearing a sprig of rue will ward off the ‘evil eye’.

Spanish Moss

Used in spells working against your enemy and revenge spells. Also often used to stuff doll babies (poppets).


Used in powders, incense and foot track magic for innocence, purity, chastity, feminine issues and concerns of a sexual nature.


A good all round herb, the leaves of the willow are used for love, luck, health and protection.

Witch Grass (dog grass/devils grass/couch grass/twitch grass)

Used for love, break up and enemy spells and also good for stuffing doll babies (poppets).

Taken from Pagan Portals Hoodoo Folk Magic