Monday, 31 March 2014

I am Kali...release your power!

I think 2014 has been a bit of a struggle for a lot of people and I am no exception, hanging onto the past, keeping hold of that which does not serve me, not standing in my own get the picture...

As it is a New Moon and as I felt the need to have a big shift in energies I have spent the morning working magic.

I took two oracle cards from the Oracle of Shadows and Light (Lucy Cavendish & Jasmine Becket-Griffith).

I am Kali
From death comes rebirth. She represents the destruction phase of this natural cycle and it it her role to clear away all that is no longer needed. Kali clears all that is leeching off your energy, draining your strength and abrading those relationships that cannot do anything but keep you stuck.


Dress of Alchemy

Release your power! It is time for you to celebrate who you truly are at this time, to acknowledge that you have some energetic debris that needs to be cleared and when you do this, the gold of who you truly are will shine through.  It is no longer possible in this new energy to hid who you are.  You must take the time to be truly yourself.

I used a grey candle to release that which no longer serves me, to let go of the past, hate, fear, anger, guilt and to cut ties.  This candle I stood in front of the 'I am Kali' card and sprinkled sage, rosemary and star anise around the candle.  I also set a clear crystal next to it.

Then I used a pink candle to bring in love, friendship, trust, good things, wishes, hope and success for the future.  This candle I stood in front of the 'Dress of Alchemy' card and sprinkled carnation, cinnamon and strawberry leaves around it.  I also set a carnelian next to it.

I tied the two together with a beautiful gold candle from Twisted Sisters Tarot and Tools.

I put some gong sound bath music on and lit some charcoal and popped a loose incense blend on top of it.

The gold candle was lit first and from that I lit the grey I sat and watched the flames I let go of all the issues I was holding on to...a few moments later I lit the pink candle (from the gold one) and visualised a happy and successful move forward.

As I sat and watched the candles burn I started to take the herbs from around the grey candle and drop them onto the charcoal allowing them to burn...once I had finished with the grey candle herbs I moved onto the pink candle and dropped those herbs onto the charcoal.

The gold candle burnt out first and I have to say the wax patterns it created were amazing to watch.

I have called upon the power of Kali, of death and rebirth to clear out, cleanse and help me to move forward, I have also asked the Goddess to help me regain my own inner power.

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