Monday, 21 October 2013

Pimping and preparing...

Part of being an author (and not being anywhere near as famous as J K Rowling) is that you have to get out there and pimp yourself.

I make no apologies for doing this (although I do find it quite embarrassing...) it is a necessary marketing tool.  No point writing books with knowledge and experience that you want to share with others if no one knows about them is it?  That would just be silly ;-)

So a couple of weekends ago I pranced about in my back garden in several different witchy outfits whilst hubby took photos (the neighbours are quite used to our bizarre actions by now), brilliant graphic artist hubby then messed about with said photos on the computer to come up with lots of lovely promotional flyers and images. (See image above and my new blog header).

And today I have set up a Pinterest account to add to my facebook and twitter one.

2013 has been an amazing year, not just because of the books but also because of the talks and workshops I have been asked to do - I am truly thankful and very humbled that people want to listen to my waffle.

2014 I think will be even bigger and even busier...I am getting is the key...preparation is paramount...I am ready (or I will be very soon)...bring it on...

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