Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Awaken your inner faerie

Awaken your inner faerie in 30 days by Alex Clarke

A beautiful books full of happy, bubbly and friendly advice to bring out your inner sparkle.

This book will take you on a thirty day journey to make you totally comfortable with your wild self, that is what it say it will do and provided you put the small amount of effort in ... it will deliver that promise.

It is fabulous, it is fun and above all it is totally worth the effort.

The official blurb:

Your inner faerie is unique. She's that bright, glittery, passionate, energetic, positive, enthusiastic side of you – the side that often lies hidden for fear of ridicule, failure, criticism, or lack of love. This book will help you connect with her, awaken your wild-woman and become the whole person you were born to be.

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