Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Spiritual tattoos

I have spent a total of nine hours in the tattoo studio this past week, two tattoos - one completely new and  based on the moon Goddess Chang-O and the other added to a small pentacle tattoo I already had which ended up being a kind of henna style with crescent moons, flowers of life and Odin's protection symbol.

I am extremely lucky that my tattoo artist (Taran from Kiss My Ink in Petersfield) is incredibly spiritual, she teaches all sorts of Eastern mysteries including Kundalini yoga and runs sound baths as well as adding her spiritual energy to the tattoos that she creates.

For me a big part of all my tattoos is the spiritual side, each one represents a step on my spiritual journey and part of my pathway.

I have dragonflies, faeries, pentacles, goddess symbols, Merlin, a dragon, Rhiannon, pumpkins, the Green Man, the triple Goddess, the moon and a Dryad and the names of my children - each of them has a special meaning to me.

Am running out of space now so not sure if there will be any more, but they are a huge part of ME and who I am.

I do not regret any of them and don't think I ever will, they depict my journey, my pathway through life.

I have been asked the usual "did it hurt" (seriously???) and "do they wash off" (hmmmm) and "what will you do when you get older" (how about be a really cool grandma??).

And one of the best comments from my long suffering and very tolerant husband (who hates tattoos) "it's like waking up next to Tommy Lee" ... he was joking...I think ♥

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