Wednesday, 25 September 2013

coming together in peace and love

I did a talk last night for a local group called Embracing Peace, it is a spiritual group of like minded people that meet on a regular basis.

My talk was on Kitchen Witchcraft and I was met with such enthusiasm, interest and questions it was really lovely, a lot of the guests knew nothing or very little about the Craft so it was fabulous to get such a positive response and to be able to dispel quite a few myths too (yes I did have a black cat but turns out I am allergic to cats...) ;-)

One thing that stuck me in particular was that the group started with a prayer...just a few lovely words sent to the Divine and the evening was finished off in the same way.  All these people holding hands in a circle sending out a prayer, no matter what faith, religion or spirituality they were, they all came together to send out positive wishes. Yes it did end with Amen but I just substituted Blessed didn't matter...the message was a united one of love and peace.

Truly beautiful ♥

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