Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Interviews, explanations and insecurities

I had a feeling that 2013 was going to be a year of discoveries, uncovering mysteries, new experiences and 'getting out there'.

It has started off with not one but three interviews - eep!

I have completed one interview with the lovely Nimue Brown which will be posted on the Moon Books blog in the very near future, then next week I have an on line chat interview scheduled with Caroline Lake of www.myspiritradio.com - more of those closer to the time of publication.

And today I am working on an interview with Christopher Blackwell, Editor of ACTION, the official newsletter and e-zine of Alternate Religions Educational Network, a Pagan and Heathen Religious rights organization. http://aren.org/

The interviews all have questions about me personally but also cover my books and the Kitchen Witch School.  All the questions have prompted me to stop and think and have been extremely interesting to answer.

I was very excited and very humbled to be asked to do each of these interviews.  I am not a 'celebrity' by any stretch of the imagination, I am just 'me' doing what I do and I have been overwhelmed with the support for my first book.

I was asked a long time ago by several people to start an on line witchcraft school, and I giggled (as I do when I get asked a question that I don't know the answer to) and didn't do anything about it, I knew I could not do it on my own.   Then last year the lovely Raven asked me again and we chatted and we decided that if we got together the right people as a team we could make it happen, and together with Sunchylde and Tintagel, with team work, with the luck of the Goddess (and a fair amount of hard work and effort) we have done it, and we are so very proud of each and every student that is part of our family.

As for the book writing, I am blessed that I don't need to write to make a living, I think that is an extremely hard thing to do.  I saw a request for people to put forward ideas for the Pagan Portals books, I suggested Kitchen Witchcraft and was then asked to write it...filled with complete shock and disbelief my first draft was accepted...

The School is in place so that we as a team can share our knowledge and experience with others, it also allows us to network and meet fabulous like minded people and give support to anyone that needs it.  We have in turn also learnt a great deal from our students.

My books are there for anyone that wants to read about my path, they are not hard and fast 'you must do this' books, they are to share my experiences for anyone that wishes to read them.

My blogs are again to share whatever is on my mind on a particular day, a place to post about things I have learnt or experienced, in case anyone is interested, in the hope that it might resonate with even just one person and help them or make them smile.

Yes, with the books I do have to 'pimp myself' a bit, what would be the point of writing a book and not telling anyone about it?

It was suggested recently that I am, and I quote:

"a very insecure person, who has to keep telling people what she is doing to prove how good she is"

The sad thing about this is that it came from supposedly enlightened pagans who I have only met on a handful of occasions and whom haven't really gotten to know me past "hello, how are you"...

Insecure?  Isn't everyone a bit insecure?  I admit it, my first book was sent out to people this week, people that had paid money for it, did I feel insecure that they might  not like it?  Of course I did, if I didn't would I have then been accused of being arrogant and having a huge ego?  (Probably LOL).  I would have to assume that the Publisher would not have agreed to print and sell my books if he didn't think they were any good.

I 'tell people what I am doing' via facebook and my blog (like thousands of other people do) as I have said above, in the hope that it may help someone or make someone smile, I make no apologies for wishing to help people, to support people and/or to make them happy.

Do I feel the need to 'prove how good I am'...um?...everyone likes to feel wanted and needed, everyone likes to feel that they are important in some small way don't they?  Am I good?  At what I wonder?  I have travelled this path for many years, I have done lots of study, I have been out there 'walking the talk' and still continue to do so, hopefully that means I am fairly good at being a witch.  I don't believe that I know everything, I don't believe that I am better than the next person, all I can do is try to the best person that I can be.

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