Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow...aaaargh...panic.....!!!! ;-)

It seems that the merest hint of a flake or two of snow sends the people of the UK into total and utter panic...we just don't know how to deal with even the slightest extreme of weather.

We do have snow here today, it started about 7.30am this morning and it is still snowing quite heavily now.  Schools were open for both children this morning although one of them is shutting at lunchtime.

I do love the look of snow, wintery scenes are beautiful.   I also love that special silence you get when it is snowing, the walk back from the school run was lovely, the snow falling, snow on the ground still white and fresh - not brown and sludgy as it gets when lots of people and cars have gone over it.  The branches of the trees were covered in a layer of white fluff, beautiful.

But I have to be honest I am not one to panic about it, I haven't been out and purchased 17 loaves of bread, shovels and sacks of salt but I do worry...hubby has driven to work and I won't stop worrying until he is home safe and sound.  The children are at school at the moment, but again I won't feel OK until they are safely home.

Why?  because after all it is only a bit of frozen water?  Because it does make the roads dangerous, we aren't geared up for driving in the snow, we don't 'do' snow chains over here as a rule and people still drive like idiots.  Hubby was held up on the drive to work today because some idiot had left his BMW at a 45 degree angle right across the apex of one of the bridges - seriously it had only been snowing for about 10 minutes by then.

So I shall sit this morning with a cup of herbal tea in the conservatory and watch the snow fall and take a moment to connect with my beloved Cailleach...before I head outside again to do the school run.  Possibly drying my hair first this time, as I went out this morning having just washed my hair (it is very long), when I got back I had icicles hanging from my head.

So for those that don't have to travel today, take a moment to enjoy the beautiful silence and peace that comes with fresh snow fall and connect with the wintery Goddess.  For those that have to drive - please stay safe.  And lease don't forget to leave out some food for the birds and make sure they have unfrozen water.

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  1. Sitting here while watching the bright sun do its warming dance, I wish I could look out and see snow...


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