Saturday, 19 January 2013

Sad, disappointed but I have cake...

Sitting here disappointed as we had to cancel the Kitchen Witch Coven ritual today :-(

We made the call late last night, the forecast wasn't good and the QE Park was closed so we made the decision.

It hasn't snowed over night in Portsmouth but all surrounding areas are very icy and my sisters have had more snow over night where they live.

The QE Park is open this morning but only the shop, cafe and main car park - a lot of the other areas are inaccessible, so even if we had made it to the park without mishap we would have had fun and games finding a spot for the ritual.

We have heard from several people that would have come to the ritual that they still can't get out of their driveways or roads because of snow and ice - please stay safe.

We have posted a solitary Birch Moon ritual script in the Kitchen Witch Coven facebook group for anyone that would like to use it at home.

So now I have to decide what to do with all the cakes and hot chocolate I had ready for the ritual...just don't know who will eat them all ;-)

Our next ritual is Saturday 23rd February, we shall be there come rain, shine, hail, thunder or plagues of locust ...

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