Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Pagan Children

Our eldest is 11 years old and started secondary school in September, she has loved the school work so far and found the lessons interesting and challenging.

Last week in her Religious Education lesson (to my great surprise) they discussed deity, not just in the usual religions but also the Pagan gods and goddesses.

I have never actively encouraged my children to follow my path, at ages 11 and 6,  I think they are too young to be pushing religion on them, so I let them be.  If they ask questions about what I do I answer them honestly, they both know who and what I am, it is not unusual to them that their mum is a witch as they have grown up with it.  They have both joined in craft activities with me when I have done them, such as making their own wands and Yule decorations.

However our eldest said to me after the RE lesson that she was a bit embarrassed that she didn't know much about the pagan deities so could she learn about them and the pagan religion as a whole please.  So I had a look through my books (my large selection of books LOL) and gave her the Kate West - Real Witches Book to have a read through.  I have also given her the address of  www.pookapages.com website to have a look at.  Although I haven't read it yet but I thought I might also get a copy of Let's Talk About Pagan Festivals by Siusaidh Ceanadach as that is specifically aimed at children.

And we shall see what happens...although I think she is still too interested in pretty dresses (OK goth dresses...) makeup and trashy TV at the moment LOL


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