Saturday, 20 October 2012

How many hats do you wear?

Yesterday got me thinking about labels that we give ourselves and others.  

How many different hats do you wear each day?  I like hats by the way, especially top hats ;-)

I am a Wife, I am a Mother and I am a Witch – all labels, or titles if you like and all ones that I am extremely happy and proud to be.  You can add to that the labels of Friend, Personal Assistant, Housewife, Team Leadership Member and all the other job titles that come from being a human being with a husband, family and working life.

But what about the other titles we earn in life?

I am also a High Priestess, I earnt that title, it took a lot of work and a lot of experience but when I was first honoured with it, I was embarrassed when people starting addressing me as such – why?  I am not sure really, self esteem perhaps?  Even after nearly thirteen years of solid study and getting out there to practice the Craft I think I felt that I wasn’t deserving. It was a lack of confidence in a new area but my wonderful friends reassured me and now a year and a half later I know I worked very hard to earn the title and I hopefully live up to the expectations of it.

And now the newest title for me is that of an Author.    I have had a couple of people use that ‘label’ when addressing me in the past week and it seems very weird to hear it.  Yes I have now written two books that will be published in 2013, but does that make me an author? well I guess just one book does. 

Perhaps I will feel more comfortable with the title of author when the first book is published and actually ‘out there’…maybe…

I know many people in the pagan world that don’t like the idea of labels – are you a Druid, a Witch, a Wiccan or any of the many other titles.

I guess it is about knowing what you are or more importantly who you are.

I know I am a Witch, a Witch of the Old Ways, I practice witchcraft but I also bring in Green Witchery, Kitchen Witchery and Hoodoo  - I wonder what that makes me?  A KitchenGreenWitchHoodooist ?

So which title am I most happy to be?


…that’s exactly who I am


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