Friday, 4 May 2012

Love, hate, love Glastonbury

I spent today in Glastonbury, it is roughly a four and a half hour round trip drive for me so it's not something I do often.

However I went today to meet up with a lovely friend so it was worth it :-)

To be honest I have had a love, hate, love relationship with Glastonbury.    Over the past two or three years I have visited regularly, originally to meet up with a small group of people I met on line.  

The first few visits were fabulous, and I did meet some very lovely people, but then as sometimes happens one or two of the people turned out to not be so good for me and so a couple of the visits were marred with bad experiences, thus leading me to dislike Glastonbury (I know, I know it shouldn't have done, but hey I am human!).

However, earlier this year I decided I needed to make my peace with Glastonbury, so I visited on my own a couple of times, I spent a long time in the beautiful Chalice Well Gardens, I spent some special time in the Glastonbury Abbey which is such a peaceful space.  And I made a new connection to the spirit of the landscape.

It is a mad sort of place, once I went out to the car park in my one batted an eye lid.  I have seen people dancing in the streets for no apparent reason, I have seen men walking down the high street in top hats, ladies in cloaks, ladies with pointed pixie ears and one a man in purple pyjamas with matching purple painted toe nails.  I have even carried a broomstick, wrapped in brown paper ala Harry Potter style down the highstreet with not so much as a head turn. But, it's all good :-)

If you are after lots of shops jam packed with witchy gear, every kind of incense you could wish for or book shops filled with pagan books and oracle cards,  then it is the place to go.  If you are after visiting some very special sacred landscapes then it is the place to go - The Tor, Chalice Well Gardens and Glastonbury Abbey to name but a few.

But my favourite place (apart from the 100 Monkeys Cafe ;-0) is the Goddess Temple, it sits just above the lovely Starchild shop (sells beautiful incense & Goddess statues).  The Goddess Temple is open every afternoon and is a beautiful, sacred space.  It has the most amazing picture of the Lady of Avalon as part of the centre altar - painted by Caroline GullyLir, her website is You can light a candle to put on the altar and just sit and meditate, they have wonderful incense burning, candles lit and relaxing music playing, they even have a Melissa (a guardian of the temple) on hand if you need to talk to someone.  It is free (although I like to give a donation when I go) and is so worth a visit.

I purchased a copy of the Lady of Avalon print today (shown in the top left hand corner of this blog) today from the Goddess Temple but you can also purchase a copy of that or other prints from Caroline GullyLir's website.



  1. Sounds like such a gorgeous place! I hope to visit one day! Glad you had a lovely time and could make the place special again for you!! x


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