Friday, 11 May 2012

Insinuation & Insecurities

Insinuation - one of my personal dislikes and one that I think goes hand in hand with insecurities.  It is also something that facebook in particular seems to encourage.

The dictionary meaning of insinuation is:

1. an indirect or covert suggestion or hint, especially of a derogatory nature.
2. covert or artful suggestion or hinting, as of something glimpsed.

And I think it is a real shame that people feel the need to do such things.  The sad thing as well is that generally in my experience, the person doing the insinuating is doing so without all of the facts, following gossip or totally has the wrong end of the stick!

And as for insecurity I do believe that is what lies behind insinuations.   You see or hear something, usually not the whole story, and your insecurities take over - don't forget the mind is a powerful thing.

It saddens me more I think, when it happens within the pagan community, us supposedly being enlightened beings you would think we were above all this sort of thing.

An insinuating post on facebook can cause so much grief and upset, not just for the person it is aimed at - or even people that it wasn't aimed at because of the scant information given with insinuations several people will usually become paranoid that the status was about them! But also because it causes upset for the person posting the insinuation.  Is it really worth getting upset about something that you probably don't have all the correct details about anyway?  Is it really worth opening up your insecurities for others to fuel it?  Because they will, especially if it is on something like facebook or twitter where others will jump on the band wagon and post replies usually adding to your insecurity and turning it into paranoia.

We all have insecurities of one sort or another, but let's do what we can not to fuel them - it's got to be better for us, our friends and life in general surely?

If you hear something or see something that makes you feel insecure, jealous or upset and you can't just brush it off or  move past it perhaps you can talk to someone about it, someone that is directly involved with the information or accusation, might save a lot of grief in the long run.


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