Friday, 22 October 2010

An update on my journey...

I feel the need to put down my thoughts at the moment regarding the degrees I have been working on thus far within my witchcraft journey.

First degree was exciting, challenging and interesting. Learning things that were new to me, and remembering parts that made perfect sense. I was open to everything. I didn’t take part in a lot of things within my coven at first – there are so many parts to choose from. I guess I felt a bit nervous. I hesitated to answer a lot of queries that were posted in case I said the wrong thing, not being new to witchcraft but being new to an organized structure, such as a coven.

Second degree was different in lots of ways. Still interesting, still challenging. But by then I had found my feet within my coven and was participating in a lot more of the extension classes, the study halls and social chats. Last year I even took on the challenge of writing and leading online rituals. I was so incredibly nervous for the first one, but I had a lovely Student Council member on hand to boost my confidence and ‘hold my hand’ through it. Since then I have lead several rituals, written and led several study halls and become a mentor. I also now lead my own extension class on animal magick, and facilitate on several other boards. Each new step was exhilarating and has assisted me on my journey.

But, was I prepared for the challenges that the universe started throwing at me when I entered third degree? That would have to be a resounding no!! Not the degree work itself, that has so far continued to be challenging and interesting just as the previous degrees were. I guess the fact now is that I am a noticeable figure within our coven, as a friend said to me recently “if you put yourself out there prominently, then you will be the target on occasion”. Boy, was she ever right. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing all the things I do, if I commit to doing something then I will work at it and keep up my duties 100%. But I do seem to have been hit with quite a few of life’s challenges in the past few months.

One of the first issues knocked me for six, I choose to take a back seat and let it all unfold without my intervention. At the time I thought I was doing what was best, turns out it wasn’t the best plan. But I learnt from it. The second issue was unpleasant but necessary, I tried to deal with the situation myself (lesson learnt from previous experience), that back fired. Although in the long run I have to say it all happened with the best outcome.

And recently? I have spent a period of time wondering if I am in the right place, doing the right things, I KNOW I am on the right path, but the whole world seems a bit floopy at the moment!

In the last few days I have had to deal with another of the universe’s curve balls. This time I have tackled it head on, no messing, no faffing about – standing up for myself and saying what I think and what I mean…we shall see if I have another lesson to learn or not!

So what is the point of all this blog today? I think it has all helped me on the path I am on, it has all helped me deal with things and learn from them. Some lessons are sent and we learn them straight away, some lessons are sent time and time again until we have learnt them. And I guess there are also some lessons that we never learn from, which is why the situations keep appearing in our lives.

I have felt at times that I would just like to live on my own in a gingerbread cottage in the middle of the woods…but that would mean taking the dustbins out myself and that’s not going to happen ;-)

I know I would not have learnt so much or come so far if I had stayed as a solitary, for me belonging to an online coven was a good choice, and completely the right direction for me to take.

My journey? Well, I am part way through third degree and I have the goal set to complete that. Other than that, I will just see what the universe has to offer me along the way.

One of the main things I have learnt this year is:
Everyone has their own path to walk, everyone’s own journey is going to be specific to them.


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