Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Bard Song by Robin Herne

Bard Song by Robin Herne

Now a poet I am not and I must admit I don't own many poetry books unless you count the ones written by Roald Dahl or Spike Milligan...

However it is useful to have a poetry reference when it comes to writing rituals or even spell workings and usually I am a bit stumped.  Whilst I am sure I could use a Roald Dahl poem in ritual there are more suitable ones.

Robin provides such a reference in the Bard Song not only providing poems to use but also giving history and myth as a background.

His words and descriptions also provide a prompt to your inspiration...if you feel the urge to write your own.

He puts forward literary poems and prose and details the hows and whys for poetic numpties like me but the info will definitely also be of interest to those more poetically talented as well.

The chapters are broken down into the four main festivals with additional sections on dragons and a mixed bag of bits as well.

Definitely an interesting read and one that will end up on your shelf as a well thumbed resource too.

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  1. Robin is a great person to turn to for ritual inspiration :-)


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