Thursday, 10 November 2016

November Full Moon Magic

Monday 14th November 2016 is a full Hunter's Moon and the moon will also be in Taurus.

The constellation of Orion, the Hunter can now be seen in the night sky.

For our ancestors this time of the year would have involved a serious amount of hunting as the young animals are now grown (it was bad form to hunt baby animals or their parents when they were looking after young) and to have enough meat to store away for the cold winter months.

Not that I am suggesting you strap on your bow and arrow and head to the woods but you can hunt in other ways.  

Hunt for new ways of bringing prosperity and abundance into your life (not just monetary).
Hunt for the best way to achieve your goals.
Hunt for scrummy healthy foods to keep you fit and strong.
Hunt for friends and family to stay connected.
Hunt for ways to nourish your spirit and soul.
Hunt for the next project or goal to aim for.

What will you hunt for?

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