Sunday, 30 October 2016

Seven Days of Samhain...Day 6 - Spell Workings

On the sixth day of Samhain my Coven gave to me...Spell Workings

Samhain is a good time for workings involving divination, psychic abilities, new beginnings, banishing, past lives, astral projection, clearing, inner work and manifesting.

Seed Charm for the Ancestors:

This charm is for honouring those that have passed over, it can be for humans or animals. The seeds are grown in memory of your loved ones.

You will need:

A packet of seeds, doesn’t matter what type but try and pick something that can be easily grown
A dish
A white candle in a holder
A bag to hold the seeds

The night before Samhain put the seeds into the dish and light the candle beside it. Visualise the person, people or animals that you wish to remember and honour, and you could even say a few words if you like in their memory. Leave the seeds overnight in the dish and let the candle burn out completely (keep an eye on it so that you don’t burn the house down…).

On Samhain take the seeds from the dish and put them in the bag. Take the bag in your power hand and standing over the pot or area of earth you wish to plant them in think again about that person or animal and remember them then scatter the seeds over the earth.

The seeds with obviously take some time to germinate and it won’t happen until Spring but then it will be a reminder to you, that you honour your ancestors and those that have gone before you.

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