Saturday, 29 October 2016

Seven Days of Samhain...Day 5 - into the future

On the fifth day of Samhain my Coven gave to me...into the future

Vision Board

I like to make a vision board at Samhain, one that sets me up for projects and goals to take me through the Winter months.

All you need is a pin board, piece of cardboard you can stick pictures too or you can even make a collage on the computer.

A vision board is a visualisation tool to help you achieve your goals, dreams and wishes.

Cut out from old magazines, draw pictures or print images from the internet to create your own board.

The images that you need are ones that really speak to you. If you want more happiness in your life use a picture of someone smiling or jumping for joy. If you want to bring more love into your life pin a picture of a red or pink heart to your board. If you want to move to a particular town or country pin an image of that place onto your board.

All the images you use will be personal to you and will work with your subconscious to create the state of mind you want and to help focus you in the direction you need to go to meet those goals.

Your board needs to inspire you, so keep changing and adding to it on a regular basis and remember to hang it somewhere prominent so that you will see it every day.

Black Mirror

A wonderful way to scry is to use a black mirror and they are really easy to make. Find an old photo frame or picture frame one that has a glass front. Take the glass out and paint one side of it with black paint. Cut a piece of black velvet or soft black cloth to the same size as the glass and put that behind it. Put the glass back into the frame and voila! You have a ready to go scrying mirror.

To use your mirror this is best done at dusk or night time, if you can sit with the mirror in front of you and manage to get the moonlight shining in on the mirror even better. If not just set a lit candle near the mirror so that it casts some reflections.

Relax and think about a question or a situation and then look into the mirror. You might see images, you might see shapes – just relax and see what comes to you.

When you have finished looking in the mirror make sure to jot down what you saw so that you can look back over it and hopefully make some sense of it!

Excerpt from Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch by Rachel Patterson

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