Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The missing Mabon...

I am pretty sure I write a similiar blog to this at the same time each year...

Because I always feel sorry for the autumn equinox (Mabon to use the modern name) as it seems to get swallowed up on the tide of Halloween/Samhain planning.

If you have read my blog over on Witches & Pagans you will know that I don't particularly follow the sabbats set out on the Wheel of the Year but I am obviously aware of when they are.

It does seem that from the 1st September my facebook feed has been full of people desperately wishing and hoping that Samhain was here already and although I am very happy for the 31st October to arrive (it is my birthday after all) and it is such a fabulous sabbat to celebrate, I do feel that the autumn equinox gets lost in the pumpkins.

I am making the most of each day as the wheel turns, savouring the changes in the garden, the air and the weather and waiting for the first leaves to change on the trees so I would hate to jump straight from summer into the end of October - think of all the things we would miss out on!

This is the time of year when we give thanks to the sun and all that is has helped provide for us and we welcome in the dark half of the year. A kind of bitter sweet time of the year really but also one of my favourite times, although we still get warm, sunny days there is the feel of autumn in the air, the mornings and evenings have that crisp, fresh feel to them.

Take some time to think about what you want to achieve in the next few months, make plans and start a new project that you can work on over the winter months.
I don't want people to stop looking forward to Samhain obviously and I do love seeing all the decoration and dress up ideas that appear on my facebook feed but I do want September to get a look in as well...don't wish the beginnings of autumn is such a beautiful and exciting part of the season...

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