Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Working Magic...HEALING

Working Magic...HEALING

Thursday 18th August 2016 is the Full Corn Moon and when I sat down to think about what intent would work for me at this time the word 'healing' came to mind.  Not necessarily physical healing but the kind of mental and spiritual healing that involves you letting go and cutting ties so that you can move forward.

We all have things we hold onto that serve us no purpose other than to rattle around in our brains and hearts causing hurty stuff.  On this full corn moon let go...harvest your demons, swing a scythe through the cords that hold you back and the ties that keep you rooted to some event or happening in the past.

I set up an altar in the garden just by the rosemary and thyme plants and the tarot card that jumped out was Death, which is actually one of my favourite cards because despite what the James Bond films might suggest this card is not signifying your instant demise at the hands of an evil cat loving does symbolise the ending of something allowing you to start afresh.  The Thoth card I have used in particular is perfect because it shows Death swinging his scythe and cutting ties.

I also added a cauldron because to me it means safety and comfort, a place to curl up and spend some 'me' time.  So once the ties have been cut you can spend a little quiet reflective time to breathe...and then plot, plan and scheme your next adventure.

The herbs I added were ones that leapt out at me when I walked around the garden (not literally leapt because that would be one freaky kinda garden...).  I have thyme which is excellent for healing along with bay and mint.   The scented geranium smells of roses and is one of my favourites to lift the spirits.  The rose petals not only smell and look pretty along with their own particular healing properties the rose happens to be called 'Rachel' so it brings a personal element to the working.

Let go of the past, release that which no longer serves you and take a deep breath...look to the is shiny...♥

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