Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Pagan Portals and Shaman Pathways

Have you heard about Pagan Portals and Shaman Pathways?

If not…where have you been?

Pagan Portals and Shaman Pathways are a series of books published by Moon Books and each one gives an introduction to a Pagan or Shamanic pathway or area to work with.

Written by a huge talented pool of authors each book gives you an introduction and allows you to ‘dip your toe’ into the particular area of expertise being written about.

The subjects include:

Candle Magic
Celtic Witchcraft
Kitchen Witchcraft
Fairy Witchcraft
Hedge Witchcraft
Irish Paganism
Moon Magic
Pathworking through poetry
Sacred sex and magic
Celtic Chakras
Druid Shaman
Faery Shaman
Web of Life
Faery Magic
By spellbook and candle
God speaking
Herbs, sun, moon & planets
Nature Mystics
Spirituality without structure
The Awen alone
Celtic Chakras
Trees of the Goddess
Urban Ovate
Zen Druidry

Gods & Goddesses:
Elen of the Ways
The Cailleach
The Morrigan
Blacksmith Gods

Aubry’s Dog
Black horse, white horse
Grimalkyn the witch’s cat

With new titles being added regularly…

Check out the Moon Books website

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