Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Working Magic...Giving Thanks

Working Magic...Giving Thanks

Thursday 1st September is the New Harvest Moon (for some of you it may fall late Wednesday evening, depending on your time zone).

Summer is already showing signs of preparing for the end and first thing in the morning you get that fresh tang in the air that autumn isn't that far away.

Make the most of the rest of the summer days, bring in your harvests (literally or figaratively), count your blessings and be thankful for what you have.

This seems like a perfect time to me to give thanks to the Goddess (or whatever divine being you work with) for everything that has been provided.  Leave out offerings for the Goddess and/or the Faerie folk, leave seeds for the birds, water the plants and give thanks to the sun and the moon.

We are usually fairly quick in working magic to ask for things so this is an opportunity to give our thanks.

I have set up an altar in the garden amongst the flowers and used the Ten of Cups tarot card, tomatoes and chillies from our greenhouse, beans and poppy heads to represent abundance and the feathers just asked to be there...they were all gifted to me.  I also included a little pot of bird seed which will be put on the bird table afterwards.

With thanks to the Goddess...♥

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