Monday, 22 August 2016

The morning after...Pagan Pride South Summer Festival

Yesterday was spent in the middle of Southampton city in a pretty tree lined park as I was honoured to be a part of the Pagan Pride South Summer Festival.

Huge credit to the organisers for putting on such a successful event.

My personal thanks must go to Pete for driving me there and setting up the stall and collecting me later!   And heap loads of thanks to the Kitchen Witch posse - without their help yesterday I would not have been able to run the big squishy hugs to Ness, Sam, Sue, Gwyn and Josh for your help, organisation, friendship and laughter.

We had a brilliant spot right opposite the band stand and I believe thanks also go to the fabulous band Spriggan Mist for the sound set up and organisation throughout the day for the various musicians.

We were also right next to not only the food stalls but also the ice cream van...perfect.

Lots of lovely vendors were there providing beautiful products and the parade from the town centre to the park was a mass of people wearing colourful clothes following the marching drummers and a team of Harleys.

It was brilliant to meet up so many familiar faces and some lovely new ones too, big thanks to those that visited the stall and to the great bunch of people that joined me for my talk...never have I given a talk on Kitchen Witchcraft that ended with a discussion about the magical properties of spam and rounded off with a chorus of the Monty Python spam song...classic...♥

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