Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Cranky, feisty, hard headed ole bint...The Cailleach

Many years ago I stumbled upon what turned out to be my matron goddess...

The cranky, feisty, hard headed ole bint...The Cailleach and boy has she been kicking my butt ever since.

So when my publisher was looking for goddesses to add to the Pagan Portal series of books The Cailleach shouted to be heard...

Some time later my book Pagan Portals The Cailleach materialised and is published this month (officially 29th July but stores have stock already).

I have shared some of my own ideas about her within the book including a meditation to meet with her and a ritual to work with her but the main part of the book focuses on her history - such as it is because she is ancient - very, very ancient so there isn't a huge amount actually written down about her, most of the information comes from stories, myths and word of mouth.  However there are a huge number of places particularly in the UK that are named after her and each one has a story attached to it.

I am particularly proud of the book cover as it was drawn by my 15 year old daughter ♥

She really is a fascinating goddess so if she peaks your interest...

My publisher has filmed a 60 second preview...

And I have filmed a short introduction read from the book...

There is also a very lovely review here:

For more information and stockists:

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