Monday, 18 July 2016



Tuesday 19th July 2016 is a FULL Mead Moon and a time to work with the energy of not only the full moon but the sun as well, bring in that powerful combination of magical ju ju to create transformation.

I moved my spell work outside today to soak up the sunshine and you could also leave the spell working over the night to add the full moon energy to it as well.

The focus of the spell is the Tower tarot card which can bring changes and powerful transformation, not usually wanted but always needed (in my humble experience).

I have added in some cinnamon for magical transformation and success along with a couple of marigolds and a gazania from the garden then for good measure sage and rosemary jumped in as well.

You could also burn some frankincense incense and other herbs that work well are juniper, bay and lemon balm.

If you like to work with crystals you could add in malachite, amethyst or moldavite.

Be guided by and trust your intuition on what herbs or crystals it leads you to use.

Focus on the Tower card and sit in quiet contemplation...

You could even sleep with the Tower card under your pillow on the night of the full moon to gain added insight through your dreams.

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