Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A desk what?

So....we are extremely excited to be able to present to you fabulous peepholes our new...

Arc of the Goddess Desk Oracle

A desk oracle? What's that I hear you say? (or not but I am going to tell you anyway...)


It is 258 A5 pages of goddess goodness in a spiral bound book format.  

Whilst working with our Arc of the Goddess course and book the inspiration arrived to create oracle cards but with 108 different goddesses we decided that book format might be a lot easier to handle.

After much deliberation, lots of design work...and re-design work...and sighs from our graphic designer Pete (who has been incredibly patient) ta da!  The desk oracle was born.

You can flick through the book and select a goddess at random or choose one to work with for the day, the week, a month or longer and you can also use our original Goddess Wheel for the year as well (included in the book along with how to work with readings too).   The book can sit on your desk or altar with the goddess image looking right atcha...

Each goddess has two pages, one with a beautiful image and the other with her oracle meaning.

Pre-order your copy via our online shop for delivery early June, also take a sneaky peek at our special package offers...


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