Monday, 3 November 2014

It's a blessing...and a curse

Well it is back to reality this morning after having a week's holiday...

Hubby and I spent a couple of days in the beautiful city of Bath (via a fried breakfast in Salisbury), such a wonderful place and the weather was silly hot for October, we sat outside cafes drinking latte and eating cake, people watching, mooching and shopping and eating way too much lovely food.

Then we spent a couple of days at home with our children, watching TV, catching up on chores and decorating the house for Halloween.  Finishing up with two lovely Samhain rituals yesterday, one in the woods in the dark by candle light with the Genesis Grove and then an online webinair one with the Kitchen Witch students.

Friday...Halloween/Samhain was my birthday so we started the day with a birthday breakfast in the local cafe.  Then Halloween and trick or treating hit.   The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the trick or treaters and the children getting dressed up and face painted.

When I was a child and even right up to probably 15 or so years ago trick or treating was not really done in England but it seems to have slowly crept across the pond and now the shops are full of Halloween decorations and sweets and we have loads of trick or treaters.

This year the weather was unseasonably warm so we actually sat outside with bowls of sweets to greet the various witches, ghosts, zombies, vampires and a fact the clown was the scariest one of all...

So for the past few years my birthday kind of gets over taken by Halloween, I would imagine it is similar for someone with a birthday on 25th December.  Not that I am complaining really, it just takes a bit of flexibility...I ended up with a birthday week really rather than one day!

I had an AMAZING amount of birthday wishes on facebook, a huge thank you to everyone.  I read them all as I get an email each time someone posts on my timeline unfortunately when I went to my page to thank each person individually facebook decided to only show me some of the messages, so apologies to those that I couldn't get to.

I did have lots of people commenting along the lines of "oh how fantastic to have your birthday on Samhain/Halloween", "oh I am totally jealous, what a wonderful day to have a birthday"...well it is a blessing...and a curse...

But however you look at it...forty six years have now passed and having my birthday on 31st October was most probably fate...

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