Friday, 7 November 2014


I admit it...I know it is only early November but I have been struck by the Yule fairy...well and truly.

I LOVE the festive season...I revert to being a total child at this time of the year, in fact I don't think I have ever lost that sense of awe.

I was laid up for the first half of this week with a horrible head cold lurgy thing so I retired to the sofa with a blanket and watched the Xmas24 channel...and although I did actually fall asleep through some of them (hey I was poorly, cut a girl some slack) I have a lot of the films set to record now right through November...

I have to put my hands up and say - we have done most of our Yuletide shopping but only because I hate being in the shops in December, waaaay too many people.

November I start to watch the films and yes I already have festive songs on the CD in my car.

Yule cards will be written in the next couple of weeks but mainly because some have to be posted early overseas (who am I kidding? I would be writing them now anyway).

I am already skimming through cook books to plan what festive cookies and munchies to make and bake, although on 25th December we spend the day at my parents and get the whole 'shebang' done for us which is fab.

On the winter solstice I have my own small celebration as I am the only pagan in my family but I am totally supported with what I do, I still keep trying to persuade them I can open my presents on that day but I haven't won that argument yet...

Decorations go up on 1st December - although they will go up a couple of days earlier this year as we are hosting a Yule crafting workshop at our house on 29th November and I want it to be really festive for everyone attending - any excuse really...

However decorations usually come down on 26th/27th December because it all seems to be done and dusted by then and I want to clear up, clean up and get sorted.

I have decided that I am totally in the wrong job though...on reflection I am very well suited for another career...

  • I love the festive season
  • I love mince pies
  • I love to bake cookies
  • I love elves
  • I love the cold, wintery weather
  • I love reindeer
  • (can you see where this is heading?)
  • I love cheesy festive decorations
  • I love Yule trees
  • I love wrapping presents
  • I love writing cards
  • I own a fabulous festive jumper
  • I have a belly that wobbles like a bowl of jelly when I laugh...oh no wait a minute that's the other guy..

I should totally be Mrs Claus...

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