Saturday, 13 September 2014

Say yes to the experiences...

I don't as a rule watch 'reality TV'...I am not a follower of Jeremy Kyle/Horrible Toddlers/Fake Tan Wannabee kind of general they horrify me.

However during the school holidays coaxed on by my 13 year old daughter we watched Say Yes To The American programme featuring a wedding dress store, Kleinfelds.

The show revolves around the store assistants and the Fashion Director Randy Fenoli finding the prefect dress for each of the brides...and yes it makes me cry (with happiness).  I love Randy Fenoli who is a brilliant host (even if his eyebrows are better than mine) and he genuinely seems to want to help people, there is no rudeness, no bullying and no teasing of anyone - the show just helps people.

I still couldn't wrap my head around why I now seem a bit hooked on this particular show until it dawned on me...

I have had two weddings, the first I was 21 years old and a wore a beautiful brocade dress with a long train and the second time I was 30 years old and wore a lovely draped dress with lots of diamonte - both were made by my mum, who is a very talented seamstress.

The thing is...I never went to a bridal store and tried on dresses on either occasion - I wonder did I miss out on a 'life experience'?

It got  me to thinking about those big events in your life and how much they shape the person that you are and the special memories that they bring with them:

We didn't have proms when I was at school but I would imagine if you don't attend you may later regret it.

My first kiss - at a village disco (his name was Kevin and he wore leg warmers and black eye was the 80s).

The last day of secondary school...we all threw toilet rolls, eggs and flour...although I am not sure why really...

My first driving lesson - in a supermarket car park on a Sunday (when they used to shut for the day) in an old Ford Escort.

The first day at my first office junior for the school medical department of the local council - soooo nervous!

The first date with my husband...a milkshake in MacDonalds on our lunch break.

The day I realised I was a witch and felt like I had 'come home'.

My husband was Christmas morning...I had just cooked a huge fried breakfast...I was then way too excited to eat it!

My wedding day...I did all the catering (for 70 people), we hosted the reception at home and my husband wore jeans (new ones and a smart waistcoat) - it was perfect.

The births of both my was horrendous (emergency C section, awful hospital experience) and one more planned and organised.

All of these and many more memories of important events that we hold onto - I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday or what day it is today but these life events we hold onto and they all have an impact on us even long after they have melted into the past.

So ... SAY YES to the important life events ...don't miss out because you will keep those memories close to you forever...

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