Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Precious memories ♥

Yesterday evening was spent looking through old photo albums...yes we have albums with actual photos in (rather than a memory stick of digital ones).  We went back over twenty years of memories...although sadly the albums stop short about 7 years ago...when the digital photos and cameras took over.

Many, many lovely memories of life as a younger couple - and much smaller waistlines LOL - some funny hair styles and fashion faux pas'.  Our wedding album from 16 years ago...our children didn't recognise the blonde woman in the white dress in the photos...(me).

Lots of "oh I had forgotten the dining room was that colour" or "wow I had forgotten we went there" moments.

And of course the photos from both our children being born "awwwww".

Life is a journey and it was very magical to take a step back in time and wander through all those memories, it also sparked the realisation that photo albums are very special and I think a nicer treasure to keep photographs in rather than on the computer.

It was also quite an emotional journey, remembering life as it was at the beginning when I met my husband 22 years ago before children, before we owned our own house, before the credit cards and mortgage LOL  followed by the memories of our wedding - we hosted the reception at home and I made all the food so it was a bit hectic but fabulous.  Then the births of both our children and how much they changed our lives and the way we live.

Watching a kind of film strip as our lives change, grow, twist and turn and how we as people have changed as well - physically and mentally.

I am most definitely not the person I was 22 years ago, particularly as then I had not really started on my spiritual journey.

Life changes as we grow and lots of outside factors change the story for us, I think the important thing is to learn as we go along and to accept that change happens, hopefully for the best.  It is about learning to move with those changes, going with the flow and working together to make life work.

I feel a tinge of sadness for my 'youth' but I would not want to be 16 again...I love all that I have done with my life so far and all that I have achieved.  I have made some mistakes along the way, small ones and much bigger ones but I don't regret any of the decisions made because each step of my life journey has led me to where I am now and I would not change that for the world.

Sometimes we try and go back to the way things were in our past - to 'reclaim our youth' but in reality I don't believe it ever works.  Just silly things such as looking back at TV programmes - I LOVED the Young Ones when I was a teenage but I saw a re-run a while back and it was awful!   And much as I loved being a teenager in the eighties the fashion was um...interesting to say the least...although I do still harbour a secret love of ra ra skirts, leg warmers and Depeche Mode...

Life is for living and I think we do get dragged down with things occasionally, I know I do - yesterday in particular was a difficult day but in the scale of things it was nothing, just a few challenges (some of which are still not sorted but I'm working on it) I have dealt with much worse.

Look back on your past as precious memories but live for the moment here and now ♥

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