Tuesday, 21 January 2014

On yer bike...my bike...no room for passengers

I made arrangements a couple of weeks ago to meet a friend yesterday to discuss a workshop we are running together (Introduction to tarot with a twist with Kate Bowman).

It was only yesterday morning that I realised I would have no car to get there as it was in for MOT...which sent me into blind panic mode...

I have had a car since I passed my test back when I was a teenager (yes they did have motor cars then)...and I haven't been without one since, so it was a bit of a reality check for me.  How was I going to get to Kate's house?  It is just a tad too far to walk.   Buses then?  I  had no idea of bus time tables or bus stops, haven't been on a bus since I was a teenager...settled for a taxi.   In actual fact the lovely Kate sent her taxi hubby to collect me and a very generous friend offered to come and collect me afterwards so I was rescued (thank you).

However it did get me to thinking about the necessity of a car.   Hubby has a car so he can get to work and back, I originally had my car to do the same, but I have worked from home for the past six years so why do I need a car?   My car isn't a new super dooper sparkly one, in fact it is old, faded and showing signs of rust...but I love it.  You can fit 7 people in it for days out, it has carried sofas and beds to various destinations and you can fit an entire drum kit in the back.

So if I don't have to drive to work and back each day why do I need a car?  I have to admit I don't, not really, it has become a luxury rather than a necessity.   For the past couple of years we have discussed me losing my car if it fails the MOT or costs too much to repair...it hasn't happened yet so I guess the Universe is telling me I still need it.

It did make me think about my carbon footprint - OK so my one trip a week in the car to take the children to grandma's house for tea isn't going to make a huge difference but how would my footprint differ if I didn't have a car?  Actually I don't think it would because instead of using my car I would go by taxi or bus - still not eco friendly.  The option of a push bike is there and will remain so when the car eventually gives up the ghost but it is a bit difficult to fit me and two children on a bike LOL  I did ride a motorbike for a while which was perhaps a lower footprint than a car but still no room for children...

So I will continue to do what I can for the environment in other ways and rest assured knowing that my carbon footprint of using a car once a week is actually not too bad.  When the Universe decides it is time to get on my bike...I will...

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