Sunday, 30 June 2013

Eating humble cake...♥

Oh WOW...what a day yesterday was...I am still riding high on the energy!

Yesterday saw my second book being launched Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch at a party hosted by Chi Coffee.

As you will see from my previous blog post earlier in the week...the confidence jitters had set in a bit beforehand.   Friday night my soul sisters joined me for the Elementals workshop and then stayed over which was a lot of fun...not so much midnight margaritas as cheese on toast and midnight Malibu ;-)

Saturday morning I was incredibly nervous...waaaaay out of my comfort zone and more worried that people wouldn't come to purchase all the cake that Chi had gotten in especially for the day than whether anyone would purchase a book LOL!

I must learn to trust my intuition and that of my friends and sisters...because the book launch was a total and utter success.  I was absolutely overwhelmed at how many people turned out to support me...chuffed, overwhelmed, humbled and all sorts of other 'ed words ♥

At one point there were so many people that we ran out of chairs and people had to stand and even sit on the floor to eat their cake!

I cannot thank everyone enough - Lesley and Tracey for just always being there for me no matter what ridiculous situations I get myself (and them) into, everyone at Chi Coffee - Jane, Megan, Joe, Keeley and the gang for all the support and effort beforehand, on the day and going forward (and Wayne & Sam for messaging support LOL), to Kate Bowman for doing such amazing tarot readings, all the regular Chi Thursday/Friday gang for coming along and sharing knowledge, support and so many laughs (laughed so much at one point I cried...making me look like Alice Cooper...), all the Kitchen Witch School students that arrived ♥, all the Kitchen Witch Coven that came along and everyone else - some familiar faces, some new that came to join in the fun, I appreciate your support more than you could know.  Last but not least to my gorgeous husband who supports me in everything I do even if he doesn't understand half of it!

A huge thank you as well must go to all those that have already read the book and shared such positive reviews for it, bless ya!

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