Thursday, 23 May 2013

Star Trek, harmony, vision

Today all I can think of is Star Trek (yep that's how random my thoughts are) - not any one of the TV programme/films specifically (although we do own all of them on DVD..) but the vision that Gene Roddenberry had for the world:

He saw a world where everyone lived in peace and harmony.  No money problems, every one on equal standing, no crime, no war, no disease,  no egos or power struggles.  Beings of all religions, races, colours, shapes, sizes and creeds living together.

During each and every Star Trek episode there were of course races that attacked and caused havoc, and I am pretty sure Captain Kirk kissed most of them ;-) but the underlying message of all the programmes was the same - the idea that we could live together as a multicultural, multi religion, multi coloured race side by side.

One day maybe...

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