Monday, 3 June 2013

France, wild boar and pretty pictures

I have just returned from a lovely holiday in France with my family, a beautiful house in a tiny village (owned by my brother) with a huge garden.  Lots of chat, laughter and silliness (along with quite a bit of wine) a good time was had by all.

The area that the house is in is surrounded by forests that hold local wild boar...which just happens to be my totem animal so I made huge connections whilst out there.  Sadly I didn't get a glimpse of one but I could feel the energy!

The down time also allowed me to crack on with the writing for Pagan Portals Moon Magic, which I am now just finishing up before sending in for the first edit.

Whilst I was away one of my lovely friends Rachel Squires finished a picture I had commissioned of my Goddess The Cailleach - it is amazing, I am so pleased with it and will build an altar around it this week.

And this weekend sees our Kitchen Witch Coven Hawthorn moon ritual at the QE Country park...with more than just a little hint of faerie...should be fun :-)

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