Monday 4 February 2013

You don't have to be perfect...

Quite often I hear people say..."I don't have time to do my witchcraft"  and I totally understand, I have been in that mindset myself.

Early on in my journey I was struggling, I was trying to be a perfect wife, friend, housewife, personal assistant working four days a week in an office and a perfect mother to a new baby and later on another new does take a bit of juggling.

I also realised (eventually) that you can't be perfect in all of those things and have time for yourself, and having time for yourself is just as important.  I also realised that it actually doesn't matter if you aren't perfect in all those things - we are all human and by nature we make mistakes, sometimes they are little errors and occasionally we fail spectacularly.  Any and all of the mistakes we make in life are lessons, we just need to be aware of them and learn from them, it isn't easy and sometimes we make the same mistake over and over (speaking from personal experience here) until we have learnt the lesson.

And as for fitting the Craft into my life?  Well it took a while but I then realised that although it would be wonderful to have a life where you could get up in the morning, do an hour of yoga out on the veranda then spend some time in meditation followed by some totem work or candle magic before you get on with the rest  of your day - that doesn't happen very often (if at all).  In reality you get up, get the children washed, dressed and off to school, clean up the weetabix from the walls, pick up all the toys and discarded pyjamas, hoover and before you know it the time for school pick up is upon you.  The evening is spent helping with homework, making and eating dinner then washing up before you collapse in a worn out heap on the sofa. can work it into your everyday life, it just takes a bit of getting used to.   Before you hoover (vacuum) add a couple of drops of lavender and rosemary essential oil to a cotton wool ball and pop it into the cylinder of your vacuum, then as you hoover around the house the scent will smudge for you, you might want to say a little chant as you go around.

When you do the washing up, visualise negative energy being washed away with the water.  You can use the same visualisation as you peel the vegetables, the negative vibes being peeled away.

If you are making a stew, soup or sauce remember to stir the saucepan deosil (clockwise) and visualise happiness and hope being added to your household.

Add herbs to your food, use their magical energies within your meals.

And even if you can only set aside five minutes a day, try to take that whole five minutes for YOU, take a moment to ground and centre and clear your mind from clutter, a few deep breathes and draw upon the energy of Mother Earth.   And if you don't manage to connect with the Craft for a while, don't beat yourself up about it, the Goddess is still with you she will be there when you are ready.

It all takes a bit of effort, it will come with experience but you can make it all work, just remember:


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