Thursday, 7 February 2013

Retreats...blogging...and more blogging...

Well it's been a pretty good week so far in my little witchy world...

VERY excited that myself and two of my lovely Kitchen Witch sisters have booked to go on a retreat in May, we are off to discover Elen of the Ways and are very much looking forward to it.

Yesterday I created two new blogs - can we never shut this woman up? I hear you cry ;-)

For the past few months I have had the honour of reviewing books for John Hunt Publishing, my reviews get published on their site and I have also been posting them on the Kitchen Witch blog.  The idea came to me to separate them and keep them all on one specific blog.  Rachel's Pagan Book blog will have reviews of not only the JHP books but also books from my own collection that I have read and would recommend:

My second blog inspiration was one about food...ah of my very favourite subjects.  I own a huge amount of cook books that I use regularly, each of the cook books has post it notes and bits of paper marking pages of recipes that I have tried or want to try, along with lots of recipes I have printed from the internet folded and stuffed inside their covers.  What I needed was an organised way of collating all the recipes that I have tried, that worked and that I liked - et voila the Cook Book Cauldron blog was born.

Today I might go for world domination...or as I am a bit tired...probably a nap...;-)

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