Wednesday, 6 February 2013

As bird is known by its note...

A rant...

Now I am not a prude but I realise, sadly that this blog post is probably coming from the perspective of one of a dwindling minority.

And yes I know I have blogged about this before but I feel very strongly about it, I do not like profanities.  I am not so naive as to think that they are never used in certain situations.  My husband is in a rock band and I am pretty sure he swears when he is with the lads, but he would never dream of swearing in front of a lady.

I was reviewing a book yesterday on tarot, it was from a slightly different perspective than normal which sounded interesting but a few pages in the 'f' word was a tarot book?? Seriously?? Why??  Any amount of intelligent and equally descriptive words could have been used in its place.  Very disappointed.

This morning I was going to blog about a 2013 workbook that I purchased recently (downloadable pdf format).  I was going to recommend it...

It isn't the sort of thing I would normally be drawn to, it is very 'pink and fluffy' but is full of useful prompts and suggestions for making things happen, for self esteem and setting life goals.  So I purchased it, downloaded it, printed it off, signed up for the regular email newsletter and was going to promote it...

However this morning the first newsletter arrived via was encouraging me to make my dreams happen...but the header and the text both included profanities!  Why??  I ask again why??  Why was it necessary to include profanities in a love and light/boost your self esteem/positive newsletter?

I have today un-subscribed from the newsletter and will not be promoting the workbook.

I know in today's modern society profanities are found everywhere, I see them every day on facebook...but I shall desperately cling on to my own personal values and standards...I may be the 'last man standing' but I won't be pressured into changing my views.

Rant over...normal service will now be resumed ;-)

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