Monday, 28 January 2013

Good Reads and Billy No Mates ;-)

A while back I joined - I LOVE books and I LOVE to read so it seemed like a good site to belong to.  I can post reviews and give star ratings for books that I have read and share them with others, I can see what other people are reading and look at the reviews they have given books I might like to read - all very useful.  It also allows me to follow authors I love and get updates when they post new blogs.

And so I also succumbed myself to setting up a Goodreads author page - my first book already has a five star review (squeeeeeee) but sadly I have no fans I do wonder if this isn't just going to make me look embarrassed LOL  However it is done now, so if any one feels really sorry for me you can hop on over to Goodreads and like my author page just so that I don't look like 'Billy No Mates' ;-)

My Goodreads author page:

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