Friday, 23 November 2012

Book covers, skulls and kitchen witchery

Well it has been a busy week, the final manuscript for Pagan Portals Hoodoo went off for copy editing and the front cover of Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch was proposed.

Personally I like the cover (and that's important of course), but when I posted it to facebook there were a few suggestions that although it was definitely witchy it isn't so much kitchen witchy (and I thank everyone for your comments, it is much appreciated).  Now although I can suggest photo ideas for the book cover, it is left to 'the management' of the publishers to go with what they believe would work, after all they should know what helps make a book sell right?

No, it isn't so much Kitchen Witchy but then after thinking about it for sometime the book is mine, I am the Kitchen Witch and it is my way of working, how I live, how I celebrate Sabbats, work spells, do rituals, work with herbs etc and I do think the cover reflects me (LOL not that I look like a skull) having printed it off on nice shiny photo paper I am pleased with it.

It is not just a book about Kitchen Witchery it is a my whole Grimoire, my entire Book of is so much more than just Kitchen Witchery...



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