Monday, 26 November 2012

Busy lives, glitter, 007 and Colditz...

Well that weekend sped past...

Hubby and I (I always start with 'my husband and I' but it sounds so terribly prim and proper that I change it to 'hubby and I' LOL) are both very busy in our lives.  Hubby works full time and is a member of two rock bands as well, along with all the other usual bits and pieces that life needs him to do (such as looking after his mum).  I work part time, thankfully from home but with the Kitchen Witch School and Coven, writing books, keeping up two facebook pages, two blogs and the Dorset Grove along with all the usual mummy stuff like housework, laundry and cooking meals - between us we are super busy.

Hubby's bands are now both fully booked with gigs for the whole of 2013, alongside that my rituals with Kitchen Witch and the Dorset Grove need to be slotted in so a while back we decided that we needed to slot in dedicated 'family weekends' to our schedule.

This weekend just gone was our first official 'family weekend' - no gigs, no rituals, limited computer/facebooking and focusing on spending time together and with the children.

Friday night started off with a film night and viewing of Arthur Christmas on DVD - what a fabulous film, definitely one that will become a 'classic'.

Saturday it rained, but that didn't stop us...we shopped for glitter, had lunch in a cafe and spent the afternoon decorating pine cones with said glitter and making Yule cards.  The evening was spent playing an old board game called Escape from which we all got whooped by our seven year old son.

Sunday we finally managed to get around to doing hubby's Fathers Day present - a visit to Beaulieu which is a huge estate with a house and abbey you can look around and a large car museum, the purpose of the visit was for hubby to look at the 007 James Bond exhibition.  Thankfully we missed most of the rain.  Hubby and the children all loved the 007 cars and I loved looking around the house as they had started to put up their Yule decorations...oh and they also have a very nice cafe...

All in all a lovely weekend and although we won't always use the 'family weekends' to go out and visit places like we did this weekend (unless we win the lottery) they will be special times dedicated to playing board games, cards, film nights and walks in the woods and on the beach - 'time together' being the important part.

Children grow up so fast it is important to  make the most of the time together when they are young and relationships can so easily drift apart because life becomes to busy.

Any relationship, whether it is a marriage, a friendship or parent/child takes work and effort - but it is so worth it...

We have always kept to this theory and after twenty years together hubby still  makes my heart flip and my toes curl ♥

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