Monday, 3 September 2012

Routines, World domination and streamlining

Youngest went back to school today, eldest goes back tomorrow.

I have loved the school holidays (and the lie ins...) but it is also nice to get back into my routine and I also think the children like and need the routine back too.

The school run this morning was extremely pleasant, we walk and it only takes about 5 minutes to get to school.  The sun was shining it was warm and although I am in the city there are trees lining the pavements on the way, but it was the air that was so lovely - it was fresh and crisp and felt clean and energising.

Today feels like a good day for planning, plotting and scheming...

I shall draw up lists and jot down ideas for projects to keep me busy over the Autumn months, perhaps not quite World domination but you never know.

My diary is out ready to update (I have one that starts from September) so I can synchronise and schedule all the rituals, moots and events I have been invited to and make sure I have time for everything.

September also sees the roll out of the new Forest of Mystery lessons for more experienced witches at the Kitchen Witch School as well as our first Kitchen Witch Coven open offline ritual at the QE Country Park.

I have also spent the last few weeks clearing out cupboards and de-cluttering the house, re-organising and hopefully making the house more efficient so it is now time to de-clutter my head and streamline my ideas...


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