Monday, 10 September 2012

Selling myself...

WARNING - this blog post is about book writing...again!

So my book - Pagan Portals Kitchen Witchcraft is in the hands of the designer at the moment having the cover made so what do I do whilst that is all going on in the background?  Well, I have to assist in 'selling myself'.  Not literally, I am not sure I would get many takers with the advert:

Wrong side of forty
Slightly saggy from having had two children
Expensive to keep
High maintenance
Not only a Witch but a Scorpio too


What I specifically have to do is sell myself as a 'brand'.   Now many moons ago I did a lot of training in sales and marketing but it was many moons ago.  However it did give me the basics.  What I don't have are the contacts, so it has to start with building up a contact base, thankfully with the advent of the internet that isn't too much of a challenge.  That is followed by actually contacting these people and saying "hey, you have never heard of me, but I am totally awesome and you will really want to review the book I have just written".  Bizarrely I have actually had some positive replies!

I have also discovered that 'knowing people' is also a bonus, huge thanks to Tylluan Penry for not only reading my manuscript but also writing an endorsement for it and also for offering to interview me on her radio programme closer to publication time.   Thank you also to Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone whom I contacted in the vague hope that they remembered me taking their Progressive Magick course (thankfully they did) who are also going to read it and hopefully write a nice endorsement too.

I think it probably also helps to have 'contacts' within the industry which is something that I don't have ... yet. I am hoping that it will all start to connect within the web of the witchy world.

So today will be spent continuing to 'pimp' myself...which is also extremely good for pushing me right outside of my comfort zone...


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