Thursday, 30 August 2012

Manuscripts (again), self doubt & orange chocolates

Well the book is moving forward faster than I thought it would, yesterday I received the manuscript from the Copy Editor with all sorts of red squiggles and lines over it (via the computer not an actual paper manuscript LOL).

I read that manuscript what felt like gazillions of times and corrected spellings and grammar but the Copy Editor managed to find a few more corrections.

So I checked it over, made one or two more changes and sent it back - authorised for print - eeeeek!

I then spent some time in pools of self doubt, what on earth made me think I could write a book?  Well one that anyone would want to read anyway, what was I thinking?  It's not a huge book by any stretch of the imagination (actually it's not meant to be that's why it is part of the Pagan Portals series).  What if people were disappointed that it wasn't the size of War and Peace etc etc etc... you get the drift.   Half a bag of orange Aero chocolates and a cup of dandelion & burdock tea later I was feeling a bit calmer, let's call it 'pre-book nerves' besides this is only my first book, who knows what could happen next? ;-)

Today I have to come up with some inspiring, eye catching, 'please buy me' words of wisdom to go on the back cover...I may be some time...


Just in case you have been living on another planet and I haven't bored you to death about the book yet - it is entitled 'Pagan Portals - Kitchen Witchcraft' and will be published by Moon Books it will be available from Amazon and also via myself and Moon Books.

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