Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Beat the blahs...

OK so today I woke up with the blahs...I have a bit of a cold and I am a bit tired so that probably doesn't help but I thought to myself - I am a blinkin witch for goodness sake I can do something about this!

So...time for my anti blah plan to be put into action:

Step 1 - walked into town after the school run to a nice cafe with Kindle in hand to enjoy a caramel latte.  Which I did but was slightly hampered by a couple coming to sit on the table next to me whilst halfway through my latte that had clearly not washed for some considerable time - ewwwww...rest of latte consumed rather quickly ;-)

Step 1a - on the walk into town breathed in beautiful, cleansing light and breathed out grey fug, continued breathing exercise as I walked.

Step 2 - Purchase box of chocolates on the way home, After Eight Mints should do the trick.

Step 3 - hoover and tidy up, I do this every morning before I sit down to work, I find it helps me focus if the house is clean and tidy, if it is cluttered then it seems to 'clutter' my mood.

Step 4 - Talk to friend on the phone so that she can tell me off for being in the grumps ;-)  and listen to husband advising me to try and take a nap at some point today.

Step 5 - put on happy, cheerful music.  My intention was to try out the Spotify that I have seen a lot of people using but for the moment it won't let me register...plan B put on Fleetwood Mac play list on iTunes.

Step 6 - write a 'to do' list, even if I don't actually achieve anything from it today, as least I feel semi organised in that I know what I need to do LOL.

Step 7 - pop a couple of crystals into my medicine bag to wear today, specifically picking out uplifting ones and light some uplifting incense.

Step 8 - make time today to meditate.

Step 9 - Decide which film to watch this afternoon when devouring afore mentioned After Eight Mints, probably Practical Magic maybe Pretty in Pink.

Step 10 - try not to give in to it - I have a gazillion reasons not be in the blahs - wonderful family and good friends being the most important, so I shall count my blessings and banish the blahs.


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