Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Queen of Wands - is it me?

It was mentioned to me a while back that if I were to be a tarot card I would be the Queen of Wands, so I am sharing with you my thoughts on the Queen of Wands.  I shall leave it up to those that know me to decide whether it is me or not.

From the Thoth Tarot book by Lon Milo DuQuette:

The characteristics of the Queen are adaptability, persistent energy, calm authority which she knows how to use to enhance her attractiveness.  She is kindly and generous, but impatient of opposition.  She has immense capacity for friendship and for love, but always on her own initiative.

Adaptability, steady force applied to an object, steady rule, great attractive power, power of command, yet liked notwithstanding.  Kind and generous when not opposed.

From the Sassy Sorceress tarot definitions:

Bright, chatty 'been there, seen it' sort of person.  She commands attention and is definitely not shy.  Can be quite impulsive and often speaks before she thinks.  She dislikes opposition of any sort.  She is quick to action and can have a quick temper.  She is often self taught - what she doesn't know, she will make sure she learns for next time.  Despite all this, she does have a very caring and sensitive side.

Extacts from my own Queen of Wands notes:

The Queen of Wands represents the aspects of fire that are most important to us.  She is warmth, sensitivity, gentleness and faithfulness as well as strengthand determination.  The Queen of Wands represents fidelity, warmth and sustenance, but she does have a darker side too.  She is creative energy, she can be fiery and passionate with a quick temper.  Her style of mothering is to flash her temper, yell, then get over it and hug - all within a very short space of time.  The Queen of Wands would have been popular at school.  She is attractive and confident.  Her energy is contagious and her enthusiasm total.  No matter what the task she tackles it with whole hearted dedication and commitment.  Her life is full and busy and she prefers it that way.  Although not usually arrogant, the Queen of Wands has a deep faith in her own abilities.  Her quiet self assurance comes from the knowledge that she can accomplish whatever she sets her mind to.

Reversed - The Queen of Wands can be moody and jealous, sometimes demanding and controlling. 

Well there you have it, make what you will from all that!


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  1. LOL :)) Tansy I think it sounds a whole lot like you. :))) Based on what I know of you seems to describe you perfectly. You are most definitely popular at the Mists. ;) Your energy and enthusiasm is definitely contagious. :))I think whoever mentioned that to you did a pretty good job ;) :))) Big Hugs

  2. Aww thanks hunny!
    It was the lovely Danae that mentioned it to me.



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