Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How do you read oracle cards?

I was asked recently how you should read oracle cards and my answer was “generally you can read oracle cards in the same way you do with tarot”.

However, I thought I would share with you how I read the Celtic Gods oracle deck.

I find that oracle cards lend themselves really well to pulling one card per day to see what is in store for you but you can also make your own spreads. And you can use traditional spreads that you are used to working with.

Oracle cards can also be used by choosing one card and mediating with it.

Be creative and design your own spreads to work with.

So you have the three card layout and this can be for many uses such as past, present, future or mind, body, spirit.

And now some that we at Kitchen Witch designed to use with the male energy of this particular deck:

The Youth Spread – for new beginnings

1. Position
2. Resources
3. Intuition
4. Outside influences
5. Desire

The Father Spread - direction and guidance

1. Situation/foundation
2. Obstacles/blockages
3. What lies ahead
4. Outside influences
5. Hopes/fears
6. Possible outcome

The Shaman Spread - Life & purpose

1. Spirit/divine influence
2. Air/messages
3. Water/emotions
4. Earth/foundation
5. Fire/passion

The Sage Spread - Decisions

1. Keep
2. Release
3. Guidance
4. Lesson

I find that oracle and tarot cards tell a story once you lay them out.  Look at each card and say the first words that come into your mind then follow to the next card as you would in a story.

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