Wednesday, 14 June 2017

What is a Pagan Portal?

What is a Pagan Portal or a Shaman Pathway?  Well that is a very good question...

Some of you may know that I have written several books within the Pagan Portals series so here is a bit more information:

The Pagan Portals and Shaman Pathways are a series of books published by Moon Books.  Each one is an introduction to a pagan or shaman pathway or a deity.  They are all around 25k words in total so short but sweet but packed with info, just giving you a dip into the subject.

The books are written by a number of different authors all coming from their own individual backgrounds and perspectives but all knowledgeable in the subjects that they write about.

The range...

These are my current Pagan Portal offerings:

Kitchen Witchcraft
Moon Magic
The Cailleach
Animal Magic

But there is a huge range of fascinating subjects:

Written by Morgan Daimler:
Fairy Witchcraft
Gods & Goddesses of Ireland
Irish Paganism

Written by Rebecca Beattie
Nature Mystics

Written by Fiona Tinker
Pathworking through poetry

Written by Pete Jennings
Blacksmith Gods

Written by Melusine Draco
By spellbook and candle
By wolfsbane and mandrake
Black horse, white horse
Aubry's dog

Written by Lucya Starza
Candle magic

Written by Mabh Savage
Celtic Witchcraft

Written by Joanna van den Hoeven
Dancing with Nemetona
Zen druidry
The Awen alone
The Crane bag

Written by Judith O'Grady
God Speaking

Written by Martha Gray
Grimalkyn: The witch's cat

Written by Harmonia Saille
Hedge Witchcraft
Hedge Riding

Written by Vivienne Moss

Written by Steve Andrews
Herbs of the sun, moon and planets

Written by Elen Sentier
Merlin: Once and future wizard
Trees of the Goddess
Celtic Chakras
Elen of the ways
Following the deer trods

Written by Brendan Howlin
The Urban Ovate

Written by Nimue Brown
Spirituality without structure

Written by Julie Brett
Australian Druidry

Written by Halo Quinn
Your Faery Magic

Written by Yvonne Ryves
Web of Life

Written by Flavia Kate Peters
Way of the Faery Shaman

Written by the WEB Path Center
Sacred sex and magick

Written by Kylie Holmes

Written by Danu Forest
The Druid Shaman

Find out more...

You can find out more about the Pagan Portal series and all the other books published by Moon Books on their website:

or the dedicated facebook page for Pagan Portals

And for mine on:

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