Friday, 9 December 2016

Full Moon: Future Guidance

Wednesday 14th December is a Full Snow Moon and the moon moves from Gemini into Cancer and as well as that it is also a good night to see meteor showers.

The full moon is perfect for divination, it seems to lend itself to this particular skill especially if you can do your reading sitting in the light of the moon, not necessarily outside (it is a bit nippy at this time of the year!) but sit by a window where the moon can be seen.

I like to work with various divination tools; tarot in particular but I also love scrying with water which works perfectly on a full moon.

Srying - fill a dish with water, preferably one with a dark inside and then either drop a silver coin into the bottom or sprinkle herbs or ink on the surface then if possible sit the bowl in direct moonlight.  Alternatively light a candle and set it near the bowl.  Then ground and centre yourself and allow your eyes to skim the surface of the water and see what images, words or messages you get.

The December full moon is a particularly good one to look at readings for next year and I like to work a twelve card yearly spread in December just to get a sneak peek of what might be in store for me over the next year but you can work with any kind of spread that suits your needs.

There are some good spreads on this link:
and some more here:

or you could make up your own.

There are a huge array of divination tools from runes and crystal balls to reading the clouds in the sky or the bones from your festive turkey...investigate and experiment, maybe you will find a new one to work with...

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