Thursday, 30 July 2015

A bit of a round up...chaotic & twirly

Apologies for not being on here much, this past two weeks have been chaotic and twirly...

The saying 'I am proud of how much I prentended to do today' came up on the net when I was looking for something else and it made me laugh so I thought I would share as it sums up the past few weeks.  So much to do and sometimes it feels like I am taking one step forward and two backwards...but I will get there!

We have been busy getting the Arc of the Goddess course ready for launch on Saturday - this is a really exciting course for us because we will be working through it ourselves along with the students...see my post

I also got to spend last Saturday with some very lovely people at the Lammas Festival in Eastbourne, lots of stalls, live music and the Pentacle Drummers all on the sea front.

The hall and landing to our home has also just undergone a transformation...three days and counting because we still haven't finished...decorating is not my favourite activity...and how much chaos does it cause?

My next book is another in the Pagan Portals series this one is all about Meditation and I have just received notification that publication will be 11th December.  I really enjoyed writing this one and love that I am able to share my experiences with such a wonderful practice.

We have also recently welcomed a very special group of people into the High Priest/ess course at the Kitchen Witch School, we felt that they were so fabulous that they have also now become Hearth Guardians for the School - we are so proud of each and every student and feel very blessed to be walking this pathway with them.  This also means some new and exciting changes, events and inspirations within the school as our team give their input.

And of course the children are now on school holidays which whilst lovely to spend time with them does hamper the work flow...

I have also been asked to run a witchcraft workshop locally in October - details on my website

And...a very exciting visit to Glastonbury is also planned for October - more details to follow.

October is turning out to be a busy month because it will also see my first article in Spirit & Destiny magazine...a four page Mystical Masterclass on Kitchen Witchcraft...eeep!

This month also saw my article and recipes on chocolate in Pagan Dawn.

I am not really sure where this year has disappeared to really with August in the next few days it still feels that Christmas has only just been and gone and I am pretty sure the UK hasn't had a proper summer yet...

I stopped working specifically with the eight sabbat dates a few years back and now I work with the energies of the month (which is what the Arc of the Goddess course echoes) and the seasons, it doesn't feel like Lughnassadh to me yet...perhaps it will soon but for now I will celebrate the bonkers UK summer weather and go with the flow...

Huge thanks to all that continue to support me personally with my books and the Kitchen Witch School and Coven ♥

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